Who we are

We are a metalworking company, founded in 2004 on the portuguese Island of Madeira. Since then, we have been developing work in the design, development, manufacture and assembly of steel structures with extension to the activity of providing industrial maintenance services.

Mission and Vision

Vapor Ilhas' mission is to identify and satisfy the needs of its customers producing and assembling steel structures and industrial equipment and providing industrial maintenance services presenting solutions that are appropriate to their needs and expectations, all while ensuring value creation and business sustainability. 

Our vision is to be the leading company in our sector on the Island 


Vapor Ilhas's “bet” has always been to provide quality services. However, in 2012 we implemented and certified our Quality Management System in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001. Achieving this certification was another important step towards achieving the goals we set ourselves on a daily basis, namely continually improving the services we provide and ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

In 2016, another important step was taken to provide excellent service by achieving factory production control compliance certification in accordance with EN 1090-1: 2009.

In 2019, it was decided to change the quality certification to the QESM (Quality and Service Excellence of Madeira) seal, a quality certificate passed by APQ / DRETT (Portuguese Quality Association)

Privacy policy

Vapor Ilhas values ​​the privacy of its partners. We comply with the european policy


Years of experience


At our factory in the Madeira Tax Free Zona in Caniçal, we have all kind of metal working machienery