Accomplished Works

Renovation of stack insulation and cladding

Date of conclusion: Setember 2018

Client: Atlantic Islands Electricity S.A.

removing and replacing of cladding and insulation of a stack at AIE's thermoeletric power plant in Caniçal 

Maintenance Services

Date of  Conclusion: 2014 - ongoing

Client: M.I.E. Marine Services

Servicing of Sulzer/Wärtsilä engines at the service of our costumer on the African continent  

Passing through Mali (Bamako, Sirakoro Thermal Plant), Guiné Conacri (Concacri, Tombo III Thermal Power Station) and Isle of Mayotte (Badamiers Oil Power Plant)


Contentainers at the Funchal marina

Date of Conclusion: April 2018

Client: Máxima Dinámica, Reparações e Construções, Lda.

Modular metal structure fabrication and assembly. Installation of facade panels

Multisport Field Cover Construction

Date of conclusion: March 2018

Client: Clube Naval do Funchal

Design, manufacture and assembly of over in metal structure and placement of cover panel

Steam line - New washing unit at SERLIMA Wash

Date of Conclusion: March 2018

Client: SerlimaWash Lavandaria Industrial S.A.  

Design, manufacture and assembly of steam interconnection between the old and the new unit.

Decathlon Funchal

Date of Conclusion: November 2017

Client: Afavias Engenharia e Construções S.A.

Manufacture and assembly of steel strucutre, over and facade panels and isolaton of the roof. 

Pestana Casino Studios - Steel Structure

Date of Conclusion: Octobre 2017

Client: Sales Faria e Andrade, Sociedade de Contruções. Lda.

Manufacture and assembly of the main streel structure. Projet by BMM

Hotel Cajú

Date of Conclusion: July 2017

Client: Socicorreia Engenharia S.A.

Execution of structural reinforcement for use of secular building in downtown Fuchal.

Restoration of historic iron guards

Installation, Interconnetion and Comissioning of Diesel Motor

Date of Conclusion: June 2017

Client: M.I.E. Marine Services

Since 2012 Vapor Ilhas has installed a total of 3 Sulzer diesel engines for Jersey Electricty at La Collette power plant in St. Helier, Jersey, UK.

(two in 2013 and one in 2017)

The work was to transport, lift and install the engine, manufacture and assembly of all interconnetions with auxiliary systems (intake air, exhaust, fuel lines, water lines, control system, power supply, etc.)

GESBA's new packaging center

Date of Conclusion: September 2016

Client: Tecnovia Madeira Sociedade de Empresas S.A.

Remodeling and Expansion of the new  Banana Packaging Center for GESBA in Pont do Sol

Expansion of existing pavilion and construction of a new one

Guards and gates

Linha Fuel JETA - NATO - Porto Santo

Data de Conclusão: Junho 2016

Cliente: Tecnovia Madeira Sociedade de Empresas S.A.

Fornecimento e instalação de pipeline subterrânea para combustível JETA das instalações da NATO no aeroporto de Porto Santo

Base Station - Fajã dos padres

Date of Conclusion: February 2016

Client: Etermar, Engenharia e Construção S.A.

Manufacture and assmebly of the cable car lower station cover.

Management work hampered by the absence of lifting means, as acess to Fajã dos Padres is only possible by sea or small freight elevator.

Pedestrian Crossing at Serra d'Água

Date of Conclusion: October 2015

Clients: Andrade Gutierrez and Tecnovia Madeira Sociedade de Empresas S.A.

Manufature and assembly of two pedestriaon crossing bridges Fabrico e montagem de duas passagens pedonais inlcuded in the rehabilitation works of the Riberia Grande stream

SCR - Catalyst

Date of conclusion: February 2014

Client: PPM - Power Plant and Marine Emission Control AG

In factory assembly of three SCR catalysts for Tuwairqi Power Plant in Saudi Arabia.

82m Stack assembly at power plant

Date of conclusion: June 2013

Client: Jersey Electricity 

Assembly of a 82m stack at La Collette Power Plant in St. Helier, Isle of Jersey, UK

Welding and cladding done on ground floor and lifted by hydraulic jacks up to the top.